How to use and preserve green garlic

How to Use and Preserve Green Garlic

You might take one look at our garden and wonder if we’re preparing to be invaded by werewolves, vampires, and other evil spirits. Currently, a good 1/6 of our garden space is planted in garlic! My next post should really be on how to combat garlic-breath! Have you seen “garlic soap” before? If you’ve tried it, I’d […]

Dabbling in stewardship Whole-fed homestead

Dabbling in Stewardship

Living intentionally, appreciating the things around us, practicing good stewardship of the land, leaving the earth in a better place than we found it… all big words and lofty, lofty goals they are. I know I’ve always held an appreciation for the land- I grew up gardening with my parents, splashing in mud puddles, and climbing […]

Homestead Monthly April 2017

Homestead Monthly: April {orcharding, raised beds, and fungus}

Every time I write one of these monthly update posts, I think to myself: “a whole month has passed already?!” Every single time. I can’t even believe spring is here and half over already. It’s been a busy one! An Apple a Day We’re turning into pretty serious (crazy?) apple growers- we have 26 different […]

Maple Peanut Butter Balls Feature 1

Maple-Sweetened Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Peanut butter covered in chocolate is one of life’s fine pleasures. And when that peanut butter is mixed with the earthy, smokey, sweet flavor of maple sugar, it’s pretty darn incredible. These maple peanut butter chocolate candies are actually modeled after one of my old favorite holiday treats, the glorious Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (why are […]

Beautycounter+ Giveaway

{Giveaway!!) Beautycounter Giveaway and Safer Skincare Options

You guys, it’s been YEARS since I properly took care of my skin. I went from college student who didn’t know any better and used whatever was on sale and had colorful packaging, to a nature-loving, hippie-esque 30-something who was disappointed by most natural brands and eventually just stopped using skincare and makeup in general. And even […]

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Butter Whole-Fed Homestead

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Butter

I’ve always thought sweet potatoes were only okay- I’ve never been crazy about them… even the beautiful glowing purple ones we grow in our own garden. And Karl is simply just offended by sweet potatoes, maintaining that they are indeed “not a potato.” I had to start calling them Yams, just so that he would […]

Gardening with Chickens feature

Gardening with Chickens by Lisa Steele: Book Review

Gardening with Chickens by Lisa Steele should be your go-to reference for making your chickens work in your garden, and making your garden work for your chickens! When we got our first flock of egg-layers several years ago, I knew three things: I wanted to raise them as naturally as possible, I wanted them to […]

The Homestead Monthly Dec Jan

Homestead Monthly: December + January {natural beauty, fame, and fresh eggs}

Overall we had a lovely start to the winter season with unseasonably warm temperatures, which means the chickens got to free range for a while longer, and we were harvesting kale, chard, parsley and celery from the garden for a record amount of time! The holidays were filled with family and good food, and we […]

Apple Chicken Salad Feature

Sweet Apple Chicken Salad Recipe

Do you ever notice how certain dishes always taste better when somebody else makes them? Chicken salad was one of those things for me. That is, until I really thought about what it was that I liked about other peoples’ chicken salads, and set out to finally nail down the perfect recipe. What I came up […]


How to Decide when to Cull a Chicken {The Story of Little Henny}

Little Henny was one of our original chickens, she was on the homestead for three years with us. The name “Henny” is because we had five Buff Orpingtons who I couldn’t tell apart at first, so they were all called “Hennys.” As they got older and developed personalities they got additional descriptors… Little Henny was the smallest […]


The Importance of Good Skincare: First Do No Harm

**SAFE SKINCARE QUICK LINKS** Shop Beautycounter —> here. Join my Safe Skincare Facebook group —> here. ♥♥♥ Confession: I’m getting older and my skin is changing. There. I said it. We put a lot of thought and care into the food we grow on the homestead, and what we put in our bodies. It is […]


Milkweed Pod Santa Ornaments {Handmade Gift}

My parents planted a Christmas tree farm when I was just a young girl, so I grew up learning to make holiday decorations to sell for extra spending money at the tree farm. As a 16-year-old, I was a Christmas craft extraordinaire! And also a really big geek, but that’s a story for a different day. Evergreen Kissing Balls, […]


Spiced Canned Apple Slices Sweetened with Honey {Canning Recipe}

Did you ever discover something new that totally changed your world, and you can’t believe you went all this time never knowing about it? And then you feel silly because the thing you didn’t know existed and that changed your life was a jar of essentially homemade canned apple pie filling? No? Just me then… […]


Autumn Gratitude

During a season where the work needed to deal with harvesting can be overwhelming, it’s easy to forget gratitude for the abundance. Today after letting the chickens out for the day, I wandered over to the shiitake mushroom logs we started in the spring and discovered two new mushrooms had popped up. I squealed in delight […]


Apple, Onion & Sage Pulled Pork {slow cooker recipe}

This is autumn in a crockpot. You know how I know that? Because it’s autumn… and I went right outside and harvested the sage from my herb garden. We picked the apples from our tree and the onions from our garden just a couple weeks ago! And because when I walked into the house and […]


Homestead Monthly: September 2016 {purple veggies, mushroom hunting, and canning}

Hi friends! This is where we take a look back at all that we’ve accomplished during the month, and reflect on the real-life ups and downs that come with “living close to the land.” We’re on the downhill slide towards winter and are busy wrapping up summer projects on the homestead. Here’s what happened in September: […]