The Scratch and Dent Store: A Bargain-Hunter’s Paradise!

A trip to the Scratch and Dent Store w Words

What you’ve heard is true. The stories, they’re all real. There are stores, deep in the country, heated by wood-fire and lighted by only the sun, where Amish girls in green dresses sing hymnals as they stock shelves full of dirt-cheap groceries. It’s small, I’d guess maybe 500 square feet with a handful of aisles. […]

Kale Flakes…or, How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables using “Green Sprinkles”

Kale Flakes w Words

I’m 75% more likely to eat something if it has sprinkles on it. I always grow several long rows of kale in the garden. It’s one of my favorite veggies- it is reliable and hardy and economical to grow. I leave some in the garden through the winter and dig it out of the snow […]