Old Fashioned Duck-Fat-Baked Potato Chips

duck fat homeade potato chips w words

Old-Fashioned. Homemade. Duck Fat. Potato. Need I say more? You don’t have to use duck fat; lard or olive oil with also give you incredible results! We’re partial to duck fat here on the homestead, plus- duck fat was made for potatoes… What’s So Great About Homemade Baked Potato Chips? They are thick-cut and crispy, covered in […]

Chick Outtakes

chick outtakes 4

“Who you looking’ at?” “Hey brother, what is that?” “I’m concerned you’re taking too many pictures of us.” “This is our food bowl.” “Yeah, our food bowl. You can’t have any.” Can’t keep head… up…  any………  longer. “I’m showing you my grumpy face.”   This post is shared at the Homestead Barn Hop #155, Natural […]