Chicken Vitamin Vittles… or, A New Technique to Get Powders to Stick to Your Homemade Chicken Feed

chicken vitamin vittles w words

Yes, I called these “vittles.” I like saying that word… try it once. Vittles. I feel like a chicken-feed revolutionary. A homemade chicken-feed pioneer. A poultry innovator! I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this technique. I just hope it’s not old news and you all aren’t already doing it… Measuring spoon […]

Hoover’s Hatchery: My Review

hoover's chicks w words

I always search for reviews and stories from other people before buying…well, just about anything. But especially something as important as my first flock! I really couldn’t find that many reviews on Hoover’s Hatchery before I bought my chicks-  a couple of negative experiences, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary for the chicken business. For […]

Dried Wild Violet Sprinkles

rustic wedding cake cupcake decoration dried flowers violet gluten free decoration

I love these so much. I love everything about them. Straight from the earth, very easy to prepare- with no dehydrator or special equipment needed. Unless you consider a twist tie and a string as special equipment… Plus: no food dyes, no sugar, no additives, no gluten, no bad stuff at all. Heck, these even […]