Homestead Confession: We Have Two Chickens Living In Our House

is it normal to have chickens in your house, keeping chickens in the house

If you’ve followed my chicken journal you know that this past spring we got 20 Red Rangers to raise as meat birds. A handful of them developed leg problems when they were younger, and right about when we moved them from the house brooder into their outside coop, two of them developed a substantial limp. They could barely […]

Napa Cabbage & Radish Salad with Butter Toasted Nuts

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(gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, grain-free, easy side dish) There is an “original” version of this recipe. You’ve probably had it at a potluck, birthday party, or family reunion. You’ve probably wolfed down four servings and then demanded the recipe. My recipe has all the same flavors, but uses only whole foods and garden fresh produce. No […]

Char-Grilled Zucchini with Basil and Gouda

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(gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, easy side-dish) And char-grilled it is. Or rather, maybe just charred. Karl and I like our food grilled hard! If you like your food with less flavor black marks, by all means grill it less. You could even bake or sauté the zucchini… In summer, our grill is indispensable. We use it more […]

Use Vanilla to Protect Your Chickens from Gnats, Biting Flies, and Biting Midges

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Biting flies, biting midges and gnats…I think those are all the same thing, or at least similar. Similar in that they are annoying little things that bite and can drive you crazy! Our chicken coop is at the back of our lush yard, just nestled under the towering cherry and oak trees. Its southern exposure […]