Honey & Vanilla Bean Roasted Melon Seeds

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Yup, melon seeds. The gloppy, stringy mess that you scoop out with a spoon and throw away. We’re gunna eat it! Part of our journey into homesteading has been to increase our respect for where our food comes from. To utilize every part of the plant or animal and practice a no-waste lifestyle. Well, as […]

My Favorite Lettuce Varieties + How I Clean Fresh Garden Lettuce + How to Save Lettuce Seed

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Unlike tomatoes, who are cruel and taunt you for weeks as you wait for them to turn red, lettuce comes up and is ready to eat as soon as you care to harvest it. I love that about lettuce. I learned years ago that, just like most garden veggies, there are so many cool varieties […]

Grain-Free Zucchini Bread Granola

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(grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, easily dairy-free) Do you have at least six mondo-zucchini sitting on your counter at all times during the summer? I love to take all the extras and shred and dehydrate them. I add the dehydrated zucchini to various things all winter long- like soups, sprinkled on salads…and now, this granola. If you’re […]