A Chicken Story: Transitioning from House to Coop

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I posted last month, my confession that we had two chickens living in our house. I really enjoyed having them around, but with fall approaching (which means winter is soon to follow) I knew they had to transition to sleeping outside with the rest of the flock. They slept in a sturdy, but slowly deteriorating […]

End of Summer Tomato & Herb Pot-Roast

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The fall harvest season is my favorite time of the year. I love that every surface in the kitchen and dining room is covered in fresh garden produce, the dehydrator is always running, and canning jars are all. over. the. place. Open windows allow a light breeze to travel through the house, and I am wearing sweaters […]

The Homestead Monthly: August 2014

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The Homestead Monthly is a (hopefully!) monthly update on what we’ve accomplished, the milestones, and the fun and memorable things that have taken place. So many little things (and some big things!!) are happening all the time around here. So, here goes! Krautin’ Karl and my dad spent an afternoon together making kraut. Karl does […]

The Complete Guide to Preserving and Using Preserved Zucchini

how to freeze dehydrate zucchini use frozen dehydrated zucchini

You’ve made all your favorite zucchini recipes three times over. The kids, and even the chickens don’t want to look at another zucchini. And jokes about leaving bags of zucchini in unlocked cars at the local grocery store are no longer funny. Wondering what to do with all that zucchini? Do you want to know […]