Wild Berry & Honey Mojitos

Wild Berry and Honey Mojitos

I planted two little mint plants last year, in a crappy spot with poor soil and partial sun, hoping that they would spread and hide an ugly rock foundation wall on our house. I watched and watched this spring, and was ultimately disappointed that there was nothing coming up where I planted them the year […]

Chickens Have Feelings Too + Why Eating Eggs from Humanely Raised Chickens Matters

Chickens have feelings too

Anyone who’s had a dog or cat would tell you that they definitely have feelings. Quinn exhibits shamefulness when he’s been caught sleeping on the bed, and sheer joy when Karl comes home from work. And the cat… well, he gives me the sourest look of anger and betrayal anytime I return from an overnight trip. […]

The Everything Cast Iron Guide: How to Buy, Clean, Use, Restore and Season Cast Iron Pans

The Everything Cast Iron Guide Feature

In my modern kitchen, on my modern stove sits a piece of equipment that connects me to the generations of cooks that came before me. It’s something that people have used for hundreds of years to make nourishing food for their families, and I love carrying on this tradition. If you don’t have a cast iron pan in your kitchen […]