Basil Butter Roasted Potatoes

Basil Butter Roasted Potatoes Feature

I’m pretty sure I won Karl’s heart with potatoes: his favorite thing in the whole wide world. I learned early on in our relationship that I needed to become a potato-master, which I now proclaim to be. These are the best potatoes ever- crispy, salty, easy to prepare, and no special equipment needed- no deep […]

Roasted Maple Seeds

maple seeds feature

Roasted what?! Maple trees already provide us with pretty much the greatest substance ever created– could their seeds taste phenomenal too? While they don’t taste exactly like maple syrup, they are nutty and abundant and best of all: free. We have two big beautiful Autumn Blaze Maples in our yard, one right next to our […]

Homestead Monthly: May 2015

The homestead monthly May 2015

Garden o’ Plenty In April we plowed up the garden and lightly tilled it to break up the sod initially. This month we fenced it in, built rustic black walnut tree gates,┬áhand-turned all of the soil, raked it out and got it all planted. Our planting list this year: lots of tomatoes (like, 50 plants…anyone […]