What Do I Do with All These Cherry Tomatoes?!

Cherry tomatoes feature

I do it every year. I have all these varieties of cherry tomatoes that I love, just love and have to plant. “Well, I only really need one of each plant, but I’d better make it two so that I can give some away to friends and family. If I want two plants, I’d better […]

How to Build a Rustic Garden Gate

How to Build a Rustic Garden Gate

When we moved to our homestead a couple years ago, one of the first things we noticed was that over the years the resident squirrels had most graciously planted a black walnut grove in the yard. The entire yard. The trees would have to come down because they were taking up our outdoor living space. We […]

The Homestead Monthly: July 2015

Cukes in crock Feature Image

What a Difference a Month Makes! The garden is in full swing- we’ve been eating kale, lettuce, summer squash, and peppers for weeks! The tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes that should be starting to turn color any day now. And just yesterday I spotted a tiny little broccoli crown forming- which is late… but […]