Why Bother Homesteading?

Why Bother Homesteading

A word with many different definitions: homestead. Simply put, to us it means a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It means growing, raising, and producing as much as we can for our own needs. But why? Oh why would someone want to live like this? We’ve asked ourselves this question on more than one occasion… like when we’re lugging buckets of […]

How to Make Apple Cider Syrup

Apple Cider Syrup Feature Image

This is like autumn in a jar. It’s tart and tangy but sweet, complex and deep with notes of molasses and caramelized sugar. And there’s only one ingredient! Karl and I have dreams of pressing cider from our own apples from our antique apple trees (someday… just have to wait for them to grow) and I […]

The Homestead Monthly: August 2015

Homestead Monthly August 2015

Total Tomato Disappointment This past March (as I do every year) I excitedly picked out my tomato varieties for this year’s garden, in April I lovingly started them from seed and nurtured them for two months in house, and in June my little tomato plants were tucked into their permanent home in our new garden. They grew big […]