Homestead Monthly: October 2015

Homestead Monthly October 2015

Egg Shop Closed for Business Well, it’s happened. Our 1.5 year old hens are in the middle of a molt PLUS are feeling the effects of shorter days and cool nights… which means that we are getting 1-4 eggs per day from 14 hens. And between the two of us, we eat at least six […]

Beef & Kale Stroganoff

Beef and Kale Stroganoff

I just… really love kale. I know a lot of people don’t- they think that it’s old news, yesterday’s vegetable, yadda yadda. I whole-heartedly disagree. Kale is awesome and I put it in all the things. Not only because it tastes good, but because it is loaded with nutrients! Case in point: Beef & Kale Stroganoff. […]

Homestead Monthly: September 2015

Homestead Monthly September

Angry Bees We started out the month by angering a whoooole lot of honey bees. With the help of our mentor from the local bee club, we removed a three-year-old colony of honey bees from our neighbor’s house. It was estimated to be a couple hundred thousand bees! We set up scaffolding and came prepared with pry […]