The Best Books for Homesteaders

The best books for homesteaders

Books are such a great gift, especially for the modern-day homesteader. With knowledge not being passed down like it used to, we have to get information from somewhere. And being the simple-life, back-to-your-roots, living-close-to-the-land type… we certainly all appreciate a real book in our hands! Click on any book cover for more information! General Homesteading […]

How to Make Vegetable Stock Powder

Vegetable Stock Feature

A great way to preserve the summer’s bounty is by turning into shelf-stable, ready-to-use vegetable stock powder! Also perfect for using up past-their-prime vegetables in the back of the fridge. This method doesn’t require a dehydrator and is simple and easy to do! Although you can make a larger quantity faster with a dehydrator —> I […]

How to Roast Any Whole Squash, Including a No-Cut Method!

How to Roast a Squash Feature

There are only a few things that Karl won’t eat- and much to my disappointment, one of those is things is winter squash. He acts like I’m offending him at even the mention of putting some on his plate. It’s become kind of a joke around the homestead now- where if he asks what’s for dinner […]

Chicken Behavior During Molting… or, Why Have My Chickens Gone Crazy?!

Chicken Behavior During Molting

Not only do they provide us with meat and eggs, but chickens are pure homestead entertainment! Spending even a few minutes out in the fresh air and sunshine with these birds will always put a smile on my face. I love just watching them- and actually, keeping an astute eye on them is part fun and part […]