Why Egg Yolk Color Doesn’t Matter

Why Egg Yolk Color Doesn't Matter Feature

Egg yolk color: the great homesteader status symbol! It doesn’t matter if you have a herd of perfectly-groomed sheep, prize-winning tomatoes, a beautiful milk cow, or a pantry full of home-rendered lard, nope. The real measure of a homesteader is the color of their chickens’ egg yolks. At least that’s what I thought when I first […]

Grain-Free Double Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbead Cookies Feature

You’d think “cookies” would be a pretty agreeable subject matter… not like religion, politics, or which direction the toilet paper roll should go. But growing up, Christmas cookies were a hotly debated holiday topic in my household, mostly because of my incredible loathing of one particular variety of Christmas cookie. A classic cookie that apparently […]

Homestead Monthly: November 2015

Homestead Monthly Nov 2015

For it being one of the colder months… we really accomplished quite a bit on the homestead! On the blog I made vegetable stock powder, shared my no-cut way to cook a whole squash, recapped the best books for homesteaders, and wrote about weird chicken behavior during the molt. Hornet Nests and Honey Bees Karl was […]

Handmade Gifts for the Chicken Keeper

Handmade gifts for the chicken keeper feature

Our chickens are the heart of the homestead. Their entertainment value is priceless, and they provide the pinnacle of farm eats: fresh eggs. There’s nothing like ’em. So it’s no wonder we want to provide them with only the finest treats, decorate their coops with rusty stuff, and proclaim our love for them on our […]

Cranberry & Pine Centerpiece for the Holidays: Easy and Inexpensive!

cranberry pine centerpeice feature

I can’t quite put my finger on why homesteaders appreciate frugality so much. Is it because we are a most-practical bunch? Is it because we look towards simple pleasures and shy away from extravagance? Is it because we want to save as much money as possible so we can buy more livestock?! Whatever it is… […]