5-Minute Spinach & Feta Eggs

5 Minute Spinach Feta Eggs FI

Spinach and Feta Eggs are my new obsession. We eat a lot of eggs on the homestead. Raising our own laying hens is so rewarding- they’re such characters, and the eggs that they produce are worlds above anything store-bought. There’s nothing like gathering an egg and cracking it – still warm- into the pan. This […]

Homestead Blog Hop #12 {Featured Post: DIY Seed Tape}

Homestead Blog Hop

Welcome Friends and Fellow Homesteaders! As a community, homesteaders have been sharing their knowledge, skills, and home goods with each other for hundreds of years. It’s the essence of who we are! If you were closer, I’d be on my way over with a pint of raw honey and a dozen farm fresh eggs! We’d […]

How to Find the Highest Quality Raw Honey Advice from a Beekeeper

How to find the highest quality raw honey

Beekeeping, it ain’t easy. Between Karl and I, we’ve been stung over 30 times in the past 2 years keeping bees (haha, most of those are Karl). Now, that includes taking on some bold projects for a couple of newbies, like catching swarms and removing a huge colony from the neighbor’s house. I’m not sure […]

Double-Garlic Cast Iron Meatballs

double garlic meatballs feature

(paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, rustic) I’m pretty sure that these meatballs could cure the plague. Whatever it is that ails you, these meatballs will fix it. These super-hero meatballs are special in another way: they go with everything. A universal meatball! They aren’t Italian, not Greek, and certainly not Swedish. But they could be! Serve them […]

How to Get Started Collecting & Growing Rare Seeds

How to Grow and Collect Rare Seeds

If you’ve only ever grown varieties like Big Boy tomatoes and Butternut squash… you’re in for a surprise, and a treat! As folks who take pleasure from sticking their hands in the dirt, who can’t wait to eat the first fresh green bean from the garden every summer, and who appreciate things like old mason […]

Homestead Monthly: January 2016 {winter chicken-keeping, kitchen update and bee poop}

Homestead Monthly Jan 2016

The winter months are definitely slower on the homestead. We have a lot of snow and cold here in Wisconsin- which calls for spending most of our time staying inside and trying to keep warm. That also means it’s time for indoor projects and spring planning! Kitchen Cabinet Face Lift Let it be known: painting […]