Dabbling in Stewardship

Dabbling in stewardship Whole-fed homestead

Living intentionally, appreciating the things around us, practicing good stewardship of the land, leaving the earth in a better place than we found it… all big words and lofty, lofty goals they are. I know I’ve always held an appreciation for the land- I grew up gardening with my parents, splashing in mud puddles, and climbing […]

Homestead Monthly: April {orcharding, raised beds, and fungus}

Homestead Monthly April 2017

Every time I write one of these monthly update posts, I think to myself: “a whole month has passed already?!” Every single time. I can’t even believe spring is here and half over already. It’s been a busy one! An Apple a Day We’re turning into pretty serious (crazy?) apple growers- we have 26 different […]