Roasted Maple Seeds

maple seeds feature

Roasted what?! Maple trees already provide us with pretty much the greatest substance ever created– could their seeds taste phenomenal too? While they don’t taste exactly like maple syrup, they are nutty and abundant and best of all: free. We have two big beautiful Autumn Blaze Maples in our yard, one right next to our […]

Small Batch Maple Syrup-Making: You Only Need 1 Tree!

Maple Boiling Feature

This is our 4th year tapping trees and making our own maple syrup. And I’ll tell you a secret: the most trees we’ve ever, ever tapped is 4! And this year we only tapped 2! When there is still snow on the ground and it is too cold to do most other outdoor projects around the homestead, maple […]

Homestead Gifts: Handmade Holiday Evergreen Kissing Ball

Evergreen Christmas Kissing Ball 2

I love a gift straight from the heart- and this Kissing Ball is just that. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm; the trees were planted when I was about four years old, and for many years- from middle school to college, every holiday season I stood out in the cold Wisconsin weather and sold Christmas […]

Dried Wild Violet Sprinkles

rustic wedding cake cupcake decoration dried flowers violet gluten free decoration

I love these so much. I love everything about them. Straight from the earth, very easy to prepare- with no dehydrator or special equipment needed. Unless you consider a twist tie and a string as special equipment… Plus: no food dyes, no sugar, no additives, no gluten, no bad stuff at all. Heck, these even […]

2014 Maple Syruping Update

maple syrup wisonsin minnesota box elder syrup

Yesterday was “the first day of spring.” So they say…. This will be the fourth year we have harvested sap to make into maple syrup. Like gardening or farming, maple syruping ends up being a (sometimes cruel) game you have to play with Mother Nature. Unpredictable is the name of the game. And this year she […]