The Homestead Monthly: August 2015

Homestead Monthly August 2015

Total Tomato Disappointment This past March (as I do every year) I excitedly picked out my tomato varieties for this year’s garden, in April I lovingly started them from seed and nurtured them for two months in house, and in June my little tomato plants were tucked into their permanent home in our new garden. They grew big […]

The Homestead Monthly: July 2015

Cukes in crock Feature Image

What a Difference a Month Makes! The garden is in full swing- we’ve been eating kale, lettuce, summer squash, and peppers for weeks! The tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes that should be starting to turn color any day now. And just yesterday I spotted a tiny little broccoli crown forming- which is late… but […]

Homestead Monthly: June 2015

June homestead photo feature

Turkey Hatching Fail Our egg-hatching track record is dismal. We made our first attempt to incubate eggs: 11 turkey and 1 duck. It turns out that turkey eggs are notoriously hard to hatch and the babies are very fragile during the first couple weeks of their life. I had never seen anything actively hatch before, […]

Homestead Monthly: May 2015

The homestead monthly May 2015

Garden o’ Plenty In April we plowed up the garden and lightly tilled it to break up the sod initially. This month we fenced it in, built rustic black walnut tree gates, hand-turned all of the soil, raked it out and got it all planted. Our planting list this year: lots of tomatoes (like, 50 plants…anyone […]

The Homestead Monthly: February & March

Homestead Monthly Feb March

Quinn, Quinny, Quinny-Winny We’ve had our dog for a good 4 months now, and he has no shortage of nicknames! He loves going for walks around our 19 acres with Karl on his super-long leash. He pounces in the snow and in the tufts of grass, nose down and hunting the whole time, having the time of his life […]

The Homestead Monthly: December & January

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With the holidays, and also because it is winter here- it has been pretty low key. We’ve been day dreaming about sunshine, all the fun spring projects ahead, where we’ll put the big garden, and how many sheep we’ll get. Here’s what’s happened lately: Dealing with Death We had our first adult chicken death in December. […]

The Homestead Monthly: October & November

fall leaves

House-iversary In October, Karl and I celebrated the one-year anniversary of moving into our house. Holy moly did that just fly by! We had a great year- accomplished a lot, and learned a ton! Here’s to many more wonderful years building our homestead together! A Little Privacy, Please! Yes, I am the type of person who makes curtains […]

The Homestead Monthly: September 2014

chicken gang porch w words

A gang is “a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior.” Yep, that’s exactly what these chickens are. Gangsters. A roving band of hens and their rooster ring leader. They’ve […]