How to Use and Preserve Green Garlic

How to use and preserve green garlic

You might take one look at our garden and wonder if we’re preparing to be invaded by werewolves, vampires, and other evil spirits. Currently, a good 1/6 of our garden space is planted in garlic! My next post should really be on how to combat garlic-breath! Have you seen “garlic soap” before? If you’ve tried it, I’d […]

Guest Post: Everything You Need to Know About Orchard Mason Bees

Mason bee

When Liz Greene contacted me about writing a guest post, I was 1. So excited- my first guest post! And 2. So thankful- because it turns out I knew absolutely NOTHING about Mason Bees, and after learning about them, I can’t believe I haven’t been welcoming them to the homestead with open arms! Adding to […]

Aronia & Strawberry Gelatin Squares + How to Grow an Aronia Bush

Aronia Gelatin Squares plus How to Grow Aronia

I get excited about a lot of things in life- like my first batch of homemade lard soap turning out awesome, finding a new product to keep deer away from our apple trees, or discovering Aronia berries… and even better, discovering that I can grow them myself. I love when I can grow things myself! These berries are […]

How to Get Started Collecting & Growing Rare Seeds

How to Grow and Collect Rare Seeds

If you’ve only ever grown varieties like Big Boy tomatoes and Butternut squash… you’re in for a surprise, and a treat! As folks who take pleasure from sticking their hands in the dirt, who can’t wait to eat the first fresh green bean from the garden every summer, and who appreciate things like old mason […]

Seed Catalogs! Get Your Seed Catalogs! A List of Places to Request Free Seed Catalogs

Free Seed Catalogs FI

These seed companies, they’ve got us gardeners figured out. They prey on all the poor, snow-bound people during the dark, depths of winter. I swear they each have a team of meteorologists in the catalog department, just waiting for the coldest days and worst winter weather to hit. That’s when they pull the trigger. Catalogs […]

What Do I Do with All These Cherry Tomatoes?!

Cherry tomatoes feature

I do it every year. I have all these varieties of cherry tomatoes that I love, just love and have to plant. “Well, I only really need one of each plant, but I’d better make it two so that I can give some away to friends and family. If I want two plants, I’d better […]

How to Build a Rustic Garden Gate

How to Build a Rustic Garden Gate

When we moved to our homestead a couple years ago, one of the first things we noticed was that over the years the resident squirrels had most graciously planted a black walnut grove in the yard. The entire yard. The trees would have to come down because they were taking up our outdoor living space. We […]

Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Starting Seeds Indoors, Plus What NOT to Do!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Starting Seeds Feature

My gardening goals have always been to grow as much of our food as I can, while saving as much money as possible, and not making a lot of work for myself. I want gardening to always remain fun and never become a chore. And I want to grow the biggest, most beautiful, lush and healthy plants. […]

The Complete Guide to Preserving and Using Preserved Zucchini

how to freeze dehydrate zucchini use frozen dehydrated zucchini

You’ve made all your favorite zucchini recipes three times over. The kids, and even the chickens don’t want to look at another zucchini. And jokes about leaving bags of zucchini in unlocked cars at the local grocery store are no longer funny. Wondering what to do with all that zucchini? Do you want to know […]