A Chicken Story: Transitioning from House to Coop

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I posted last month, my confession that we had two chickens living in our house. I really enjoyed having them around, but with fall approaching (which means winter is soon to follow) I knew they had to transition to sleeping outside with the rest of the flock. They slept in a sturdy, but slowly deteriorating […]

End of Summer Tomato & Herb Pot-Roast

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The fall harvest season is my favorite time of the year. I love that every surface in the kitchen and dining room is covered in fresh garden produce, the dehydrator is always running, and canning jars are all. over. the. place. Open windows allow a light breeze to travel through the house, and I am wearing sweaters […]

Honey & Vanilla Bean Roasted Melon Seeds

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Yup, melon seeds. The gloppy, stringy mess that you scoop out with a spoon and throw away. We’re gunna eat it! Part of our journey into homesteading has been to increase our respect for where our food comes from. To utilize every part of the plant or animal and practice a no-waste lifestyle. Well, as […]

My Favorite Lettuce Varieties + How I Clean Fresh Garden Lettuce + How to Save Lettuce Seed

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Unlike tomatoes, who are cruel and taunt you for weeks as you wait for them to turn red, lettuce comes up and is ready to eat as soon as you care to harvest it. I love that about lettuce. I learned years ago that, just like most garden veggies, there are so many cool varieties […]

Char-Grilled Zucchini with Basil and Gouda

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(gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, easy side-dish) And char-grilled it is. Or rather, maybe just charred. Karl and I like our food grilled hard! If you like your food with less flavor black marks, by all means grill it less. You could even bake or sauté the zucchini… In summer, our grill is indispensable. We use it more […]

Lard Bread & Boiled Flour: A Farm Story

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A couple weekends ago we celebrated the spring season with Karl’s family. His Grandparents came over to the big city from their small farming town a couple hours away. As usual we had a meal and talked farming with Grandpa. No one can talk farming like an 85-year-old farmer! (That’s him, above in the picture.) Grandma and […]

Old Fashioned Duck-Fat-Baked Potato Chips

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Old-Fashioned. Homemade. Duck Fat. Potato. Need I say more? You don’t have to use duck fat; lard or olive oil with also give you incredible results! We’re partial to duck fat here on the homestead, plus- duck fat was made for potatoes… What’s So Great About Homemade Baked Potato Chips? They are thick-cut and crispy, covered in […]