Homestead Monthly: March 2016 {maple update, kitchen finale, and planting all the things}

Homestead Monthly March 2016

It’s off the to the races! Or at least that’s what it feels like… This year marks our third spring on the homestead. I thought the first two were busy, but this year proves to be a doozy! We’ve got practically every hour of every weekend planned out from now until mid-summer. But it’s fun […]

Homestead Monthly: December 2015 {Farmhouse kitchen makeover and snow-bound chickens!}

Homestead Monthly December 2015

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover We’re in the thick of it as we speak! In the middle of December we started the big kitchen cabinet makeover- our cabinets weren’t terrible, but the yellow-tinged maple didn’t really do anything for us, and I had dreams of white kitchen cabinets. We’re no strangers to big projects and hard work, […]