Homestead Monthly: November {barn demolition, butchering, and winter preparations}


Bye Bye Barn So, one really big thing happened this month that has taken a lot of our time, energy, and brain space. We essentially “sold” our old 100+ year old big beautiful barn to a reclaimed wood furniture company. The back of this barn started to cave in during the last month, so we […]

How to Get Started Collecting & Growing Rare Seeds

How to Grow and Collect Rare Seeds

If you’ve only ever grown varieties like Big Boy tomatoes and Butternut squash… you’re in for a surprise, and a treat! As folks who take pleasure from sticking their hands in the dirt, who can’t wait to eat the first fresh green bean from the garden every summer, and who appreciate things like old mason […]

Homestead Monthly: November 2015

Homestead Monthly Nov 2015

For it being one of the colder months… we really accomplished quite a bit on the homestead! On the blog I made vegetable stock powder, shared my no-cut way to cook a whole squash, recapped the best books for homesteaders, and wrote about weird chicken behavior during the molt. Hornet Nests and Honey Bees Karl was […]

The Homestead Monthly: August 2015

Homestead Monthly August 2015

Total Tomato Disappointment This past March (as I do every year) I excitedly picked out my tomato varieties for this year’s garden, in April I lovingly started them from seed and nurtured them for two months in house, and in June my little tomato plants were tucked into their permanent home in our new garden. They grew big […]

The Homestead Monthly: December & January

Homestead monthly december january, Whole Fed Homestead

With the holidays, and also because it is winter here- it has been pretty low key. We’ve been day dreaming about sunshine, all the fun spring projects ahead, where we’ll put the big garden, and how many sheep we’ll get. Here’s what’s happened lately: Dealing with Death We had our first adult chicken death in December. […]

Lard Bread & Boiled Flour: A Farm Story

grandpa kitchen. w words

A couple weekends ago we celebrated the spring season with Karl’s family. His Grandparents came over to the big city from their small farming town a couple hours away. As usual we had a meal and talked farming with Grandpa. No one can talk farming like an 85-year-old farmer! (That’s him, above in the picture.) Grandma and […]