Homestead Monthly: March 2016 {maple update, kitchen finale, and planting all the things}

Homestead Monthly March 2016

It’s off the to the races! Or at least that’s what it feels like… This year marks our third spring on the homestead. I thought the first two were busy, but this year proves to be a doozy! We’ve got practically every hour of every weekend planned out from now until mid-summer. But it’s fun […]

Homestead Monthly: January 2016 {winter chicken-keeping, kitchen update and bee poop}

Homestead Monthly Jan 2016

The winter months are definitely slower on the homestead. We have a lot of snow and cold here in Wisconsin- which calls for spending most of our time staying inside and trying to keep warm. That also means it’s time for indoor projects and spring planning! Kitchen Cabinet Face Lift Let it be known: painting […]

Homestead Monthly: December 2015 {Farmhouse kitchen makeover and snow-bound chickens!}

Homestead Monthly December 2015

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover We’re in the thick of it as we speak! In the middle of December we started the big kitchen cabinet makeover- our cabinets weren’t terrible, but the yellow-tinged maple didn’t really do anything for us, and I had dreams of white kitchen cabinets. We’re no strangers to big projects and hard work, […]

Homestead Monthly: November 2015

Homestead Monthly Nov 2015

For it being one of the colder months… we really accomplished quite a bit on the homestead! On the blog I made vegetable stock powder, shared my no-cut way to cook a whole squash, recapped the best books for homesteaders, and wrote about weird chicken behavior during the molt. Hornet Nests and Honey Bees Karl was […]

Homestead Monthly: October 2015

Homestead Monthly October 2015

Egg Shop Closed for Business Well, it’s happened. Our 1.5 year old hens are in the middle of a molt PLUS are feeling the effects of shorter days and cool nights… which means that we are getting 1-4 eggs per day from 14 hens. And between the two of us, we eat at least six […]

Homestead Monthly: September 2015

Homestead Monthly September

Angry Bees We started out the month by angering a whoooole lot of honey bees. With the help of our mentor from the local bee club, we removed a three-year-old colony of honey bees from our neighbor’s house. It was estimated to be a couple hundred thousand bees! We set up scaffolding and came prepared with pry […]

The Homestead Monthly: August 2015

Homestead Monthly August 2015

Total Tomato Disappointment This past March (as I do every year) I excitedly picked out my tomato varieties for this year’s garden, in April I lovingly started them from seed and nurtured them for two months in house, and in June my little tomato plants were tucked into their permanent home in our new garden. They grew big […]

The Homestead Monthly: July 2015

Cukes in crock Feature Image

What a Difference a Month Makes! The garden is in full swing- we’ve been eating kale, lettuce, summer squash, and peppers for weeks! The tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes that should be starting to turn color any day now. And just yesterday I spotted a tiny little broccoli crown forming- which is late… but […]

Homestead Monthly: June 2015

June homestead photo feature

Turkey Hatching Fail Our egg-hatching track record is dismal. We made our first attempt to incubate eggs: 11 turkey and 1 duck. It turns out that turkey eggs are notoriously hard to hatch and the babies are very fragile during the first couple weeks of their life. I had never seen anything actively hatch before, […]

Homestead Monthly: May 2015

The homestead monthly May 2015

Garden o’ Plenty In April we plowed up the garden and lightly tilled it to break up the sod initially. This month we fenced it in, built rustic black walnut tree gates, hand-turned all of the soil, raked it out and got it all planted. Our planting list this year: lots of tomatoes (like, 50 plants…anyone […]