The Importance of Good Skincare: First Do No Harm


**SAFE SKINCARE QUICK LINKS** Shop Beautycounter —> here. Join my Safe Skincare Facebook group —> here. ♥♥♥ Confession: I’m getting older and my skin is changing. There. I said it. We put a lot of thought and care into the food we grow on the homestead, and what we put in our bodies. It is […]

Autumn Gratitude


During a season where the work needed to deal with harvesting can be overwhelming, it’s easy to forget gratitude for the abundance. Today after letting the chickens out for the day, I wandered over to the shiitake mushroom logs we started in the spring and discovered two new mushrooms had popped up. I squealed in delight […]

Super Gluing a Broken Chicken Beak, or… How I Became a Crazy Chicken Lady

Bolivar rooster

Living in the country on an old property with a big barn comes with a few inherent resources- like cats. People drop their unwanted pets outside of town, and cats seem to come and go, using our big vacant barn as shelter and a smorgasbord of rodents. I knew this was going to be hard […]

The Loneliest Rooster: A Chicken Story

The loneliest rooster feature image final

I never would have guessed that I’d turn into a “chicken lady,” you know… one of those. I own chicken pot holders, and I talk to the hens like they’re real people. I’m full-blown Chicken Lady. Crazy Chicken Lady. Or as I prefer to call myself: “Chicken Enthusiast.” Before getting chickens, I had no idea that they were […]

Why Bother Homesteading?

Why Bother Homesteading

A word with many different definitions: homestead. Simply put, to us it means a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It means growing, raising, and producing as much as we can for our own needs. But why? Oh why would someone want to live like this? We’ve asked ourselves this question on more than one occasion… like when we’re lugging buckets of […]

Chickens Have Feelings Too + Why Eating Eggs from Humanely Raised Chickens Matters

Chickens have feelings too

Anyone who’s had a dog or cat would tell you that they definitely have feelings. Quinn exhibits shamefulness when he’s been caught sleeping on the bed, and sheer joy when Karl comes home from work. And the cat… well, he gives me the sourest look of anger and betrayal anytime I return from an overnight trip. […]

The Homestead Monthly: October & November

fall leaves

House-iversary In October, Karl and I celebrated the one-year anniversary of moving into our house. Holy moly did that just fly by! We had a great year- accomplished a lot, and learned a ton! Here’s to many more wonderful years building our homestead together! A Little Privacy, Please! Yes, I am the type of person who makes curtains […]

Lard Bread & Boiled Flour: A Farm Story

grandpa kitchen. w words

A couple weekends ago we celebrated the spring season with Karl’s family. His Grandparents came over to the big city from their small farming town a couple hours away. As usual we had a meal and talked farming with Grandpa. No one can talk farming like an 85-year-old farmer! (That’s him, above in the picture.) Grandma and […]