Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Butter

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Butter Whole-Fed Homestead

I’ve always thought sweet potatoes were only okay- I’ve never been crazy about them… even the beautiful glowing purple ones we grow in our own garden. And Karl is simply just offended by sweet potatoes, maintaining that they are indeed “not a potato.” I had to start calling them Yams, just so that he would […]

Harvest Cobb Salad with Honey Dijon Dressing

Harvest Cobb Salad Feature

I made something incredible the other night. Out of vegetables! Even Karl liked this Cobb Salad (read: big huge bowl full of vegetables)… and he’s still working through his vegetable-haters rehabilitation program. He’s conquered salad greens, asparagus, kale, and even Brussels sprouts! This year we’re working on squash. He gets so sad whenever I try to feed him […]

How to Roast Any Whole Squash, Including a No-Cut Method!

How to Roast a Squash Feature

There are only a few things that Karl won’t eat- and much to my disappointment, one of those is things is winter squash. He acts like I’m offending him at even the mention of putting some on his plate. It’s become kind of a joke around the homestead now- where if he asks what’s for dinner […]

What Do I Do with All These Cherry Tomatoes?!

Cherry tomatoes feature

I do it every year. I have all these varieties of cherry tomatoes that I love, just love and have to plant. “Well, I only really need one of each plant, but I’d better make it two so that I can give some away to friends and family. If I want two plants, I’d better […]

Basil Butter Roasted Potatoes

Basil Butter Roasted Potatoes Feature

I’m pretty sure I won Karl’s heart with potatoes: his favorite thing in the whole wide world. I learned early on in our relationship that I needed to become a potato-master, which I now proclaim to be. These are the best potatoes ever- crispy, salty, easy to prepare, and no special equipment needed- no deep […]

Side Dish Series: Kale & Mushroom Rice Salad

Kale Mushroom Rice Salad 2 Feature

(gluten-free, easily dairy-free, vegetarian) I was eating kale before it was cool. I even have three different varieties of kale planned for this year’s garden! I also tuck my pants into my socks… I’m kind of a trend-setter. My grandma grew kale in her garden 50+ years ago, and my parents grew it in theirs when I […]

Side Dish Series: Garlic & Onion Green Beans

Garlic & Onion Green Beans

(gluten-free, grain-free, vegetarian, paleo) A frozen and thawed green bean will never be as good as a green bean just plucked from the garden, still warm from the sun. So finding new ways to use and elevate our preserved garden produce throughout the year is a necessity. Especially since Karl and I love flavor. We NEED […]

Rustic, Buttered-Onion Deviled Eggs

Rustic Buttered Onion Deviled Eggs Featured

(gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, vegetarian) I think deviled eggs should always be described as rustic. Is there a food that is more homespun, wholesome, and natural than the egg? I think it would go against my morals to create fancy swirled deviled egg filling with a piping bag. Plus, that just takes too much time. Deviled eggs are already a […]

Homestead Eats: This Week’s Dinner Menu

Whole Fed Menu Feb 9

If you need some dinner inspiration, here’s what Karl and I are eating this week on the homestead! I make a weekly dinner menu every Sunday night- that way I can make sure I have everything I need for the week. And since life doesn’t always go as planned, I try to keep it somewhat flexible. […]