Maple-Sweetened Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Maple Peanut Butter Balls Feature 1

Peanut butter covered in chocolate is one of life’s fine pleasures. And when that peanut butter is mixed with the earthy, smokey, sweet flavor of maple sugar, it’s pretty darn incredible. These maple peanut butter chocolate candies are actually modeled after one of my old favorite holiday treats, the glorious Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (why are […]

Spiced Canned Apple Slices Sweetened with Honey {Canning Recipe}


Did you ever discover something new that totally changed your world, and you can’t believe you went all this time never knowing about it? And then you feel silly because the thing you didn’t know existed and that changed your life was a jar of essentially homemade canned apple pie filling? No? Just me then… […]

Salted Honey Caramels


If there’s anything I’m a connoisseur of, it’s likely caramels. It’s my favorite flavor of anything and everything, anywhere. I will without a doubt always order the caramel-flavored whatever it is. A couple of years ago, I discovered that I could make caramel… and I got really good at it. I make the best salted caramel […]

Honey Sundae: The Best Ice Cream Treat

honey sundae the best ice cream treat

Leave it to a beekeeper to drizzle golden sweet honey on top of ice cream! Honey pretty much goes on everything though, so you can’t fault me. Meat? Yes- honey-glazed ham, honey bbq wings. Vegetables? Yes- honeyed carrots, honey dijon dressing on cobb salad. And now, ice cream. Our beekeeping club has a booth at […]

Aronia & Strawberry Gelatin Squares + How to Grow an Aronia Bush

Aronia Gelatin Squares plus How to Grow Aronia

I get excited about a lot of things in life- like my first batch of homemade lard soap turning out awesome, finding a new product to keep deer away from our apple trees, or discovering Aronia berries… and even better, discovering that I can grow them myself. I love when I can grow things myself! These berries are […]

Grain-Free Double Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbead Cookies Feature

You’d think “cookies” would be a pretty agreeable subject matter… not like religion, politics, or which direction the toilet paper roll should go. But growing up, Christmas cookies were a hotly debated holiday topic in my household, mostly because of my incredible loathing of one particular variety of Christmas cookie. A classic cookie that apparently […]

Chocolate-Dipped Mint Leaves… or, Chocolate After Dinner Mints Au Naturel

Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves

(gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, grain-free, healthy, vegetarian)  When we moved onto our homestead last year, I knew that one of the things high on my garden priorities list was to establish a mint patch. People are usually quick to warn you about mint: not to plant it in a garden or flower bed, because it will […]

Wild Berry & Honey Mojitos

Wild Berry and Honey Mojitos

I planted two little mint plants last year, in a crappy spot with poor soil and partial sun, hoping that they would spread and hide an ugly rock foundation wall on our house. I watched and watched this spring, and was ultimately disappointed that there was nothing coming up where I planted them the year […]

Banana Bread-Covered Walnuts

Banana Bread-Covered Walnuts

(gluten-free, grain-free, easily dairy-free, vegetarian, paleo) So, I’ve recently discovered something about myself- that is, I like to coat walnuts with various things…  That’s right, apparently I can’t resist a coated walnut. I’ve already covered walnuts in vanilla-bean chocolate truffle, and now banana bread! But you can’t blame me. Walnuts have a light and fairly […]

Grain-Free Zucchini Bread Granola

grain free gluten free zucchini abundance granola healthy

(grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, easily dairy-free) Do you have at least six mondo-zucchini sitting on your counter at all times during the summer? I love to take all the extras and shred and dehydrate them. I add the dehydrated zucchini to various things all winter long- like soups, sprinkled on salads…and now, this granola. If you’re […]