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  1. I have a Question,
    I have two pet ducks ,I feed them flock feed ,,But I give them boiled brown rice along with scraps,,
    Is there a special food to keep them satisfied for the coming first winter ,,
    We live in N.Idaho and it gets below 0. For a few weeks at a time ,,,

    • An all-purpose fowl/chicken flock feed should have everything they need, except Calcium if they are egg-layers (offer additional free-choice Calcium/oyster shell). By feeding them additional rice, you are cutting the protein content of the feed- which is probably fine for warm months if they free-range, but isn’t a good idea for winter when there are no bugs/worms to dig up and add extra protein.

      Just make sure they have access to as much feed as they want and good clean water and they should do just great! -Crystal

  2. Have 2 ducks and a c. Goose and they are in the pen and a house at night but we have severe weather and very low temps yesterday and thro the night and they went across the lake to open water yesterday and won’t come out so were there all night it is 2 degrees with a big wind are they going to lose limbs if no rescued?

    • Hi Pamela, I wouldn’t think they would freeze or loose limbs… the water might actually feel warm compared to the air temp, and 2 degrees isn’t that bad for waterfowl- they can withstand much colder than that easily. I would be worried that they don’t have enough to eat out there this time of year though? Maybe set some food out for them or lure them back with food? Good luck! -Crystal

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