Chickens in Slow Motion

Chickens in Slow Motion

It’s winter in Wisconsin… what else is there to do but hang out in the coop and take slow motion videos of the chickens? They are really fascinating creatures- and even more so in slow motion!

Two Hens Devouring an Apple
On the left is Abe Lincoln (note her beard) and on the right is Hennie. You should see them tear apart a toad! And of course, Otto (on the far right) is supervising.

Otto Crowing
My favorite video- he looks and sounds like a cross between a T-Rex and King Kong! I never really appreciated the vocal prowess of a rooster’s crow until I saw it in slow motion. Otto is our best crower!

Flying Chicken
This is Val, short for Velociraptor (she’s my favorite, don’t tell the others). I’ve trained her jump onto my arm whenever I hold it out. It’s a daily ritual now- and she knows I always have a pocket full of sunflower seeds.

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