Cranberry Orange Mint Flavored Water

Cranberry Orange Mint Flavored Water

Cranberry Orange Mint Flavored Water Whole Fed Homestead
I love, love, love flavored water, or “fancy water” as I like to call it. There are a thousand different flavor combinations you can come up with, depending on what’s in season in your herb garden or at the store, but I always find myself coming back to this one.

You don’t actually taste the flavor of the cranberry- those are just for color. The orange and mint are the prominent flavors in this one. If your thinking you could cut the cranberries open to release more flavor- you’d be wrong. And you’d ruin your water. They have tiny little seeds inside that will float all around and then get stuck in your teeth. And that ain’t fancy.

There are two reasons you’ll want to make this:
1. to impress all your holiday guests.
2. to help yourself drink more water.

I don’t know about you, but drinking my daily requirement of water is a serious struggle. But whenever I have fancy water hanging around the fridge, I absolutely drink much more water with significantly less effort. It tastes good, there is nothing artificial, no sweeteners, and no junk. It’s so refreshing!
It’s nature’s water!

Sometimes I’ll make a big pitcher just for myself and keep in the fridge, and sometimes I’ll just throw some ingredients in a glass and refill it up all day. If you’re making this for company, use a clear glass pitcher (clear is best, so you can see all the beautiful colors). Start by placing all the ingredients in the bottom of the pitcher, then fill with lots of ice cube, finally, add in the water. This way the ice cubes keep most of the ingredients at the bottom and in the middle, instead of floating on top.
And if you’re really fancy, you might consider these ice cubes!

While I don’t have a recipe for this, and it is certainly simple enough to just “throw stuff in the pitcher,” I actually do have some tips if you really want to make this perfect!

Cut slices into 1/4″ half moon shapes. If you cut them too thin, they fall apart. I also think that half slices instead of full circles slices work better.

I’ve only used fresh, but am pretty certain that frozen would work just fine too, as they hold their shape pretty well when thawed. Don’t use dried or freeze-dried.

I like to use sprigs, not pick off individual leaves when I can. A sprig with several leaves on it will hold together and not try to float into your mouth the same way a single little leave will.

Winter is typically cranberry season- which is perfect, because you’ll have cranberries available for all of your holiday get-togethers! This Cranberry-Orange Mint Water is such a simple way to add a special touch.

Karl and I are pretty low-key people: we don’t really go to many parties or out to dinner (we’d much rather cook some juicy steaks on the grill and have a glass of wine from the comfort of home… plus, we live quite a ways from anywhere considered “nice,” ha!). And even though we’re not “fancy” people, it’s nice to have something special and different for when we have guests over. Escpeically something so fresh and fun- after all, that’s what we’re all about on the homestead!

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