Honey Sundae: The Best Ice Cream Treat

The Best Ice Cream Treat: The Honey Sundae | Whole-Fed Homestead

Leave it to a beekeeper to drizzle golden sweet honey on top of ice cream!

Honey pretty much goes on everything though, so you can’t fault me. Meat? Yes- honey-glazed ham, honey bbq wings. Vegetables? Yes- honeyed carrots, honey dijon dressing on cobb salad. And now, ice cream.

Our beekeeping club has a booth at the local county fair every year, where for years and years they’ve sold their famous “Honey Sundae.” It’s one of the most popular food booths at the fair… and for good reason. We first volunteered to work the fair booth a couple years ago, and we’ve been making the Honey Sundae ever since!

This would be a great dessert for:
♥ a spring or summer get together like a family picnic or reunion
♥ an insect, wildlife, or animal-themed birthday party
♥ a backyard wedding (or a beekeepers wedding!)
♥ and I would even serve a Honey Sundae after a fancy dinner party.

But really, we’ll eat ice cream drizzled with honey and topped with salty sunflower seeds on any day of the week.

The secret is quality. Because there are so few ingredients here (I mean, come on… this really isn’t even a recipe) we want them to be the highest quality possible.

Ice Cream
Our favorite, favorite ice cream is a brand called Alden’s, which is carried at just about every natural food store within 100 miles from us. Certainly you could make your own ice cream- which I would highly recommend! If you are dairy-free and use a coconut or almond-milk ice cream, those will work just fine too. We love Alden’s for its super creamy and rich texture, and not-too sweet, real-vanilla flavor. No, it’s not grass-fed, but they support small dairy farmers and use real, organic ingredients- and it’s so good!

Using the best quality raw honey makes all the difference here. And I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy honey from a local beekeeper (all about how to find raw local honey here!), or at least a reputable one online.

For the purpose of the Honey Sundae the honey should be liquid, so if you have real, raw, crystalized honey you’ll need to gently warm it. To do this, scoop some into a small jar (like a jelly jar) and loosely secure the lid. Place the jar into a small pot of water (the water should come about half way up the jar) and warm on low until just liquid- don’t boil it.

The Best Ice Cream Treat: The Honey Sundae | Whole-Fed Homestead

Sunflower Seeds
The only absolute is that these must be salted. The salt combined with the sweet honey is what makes the sundae! I prefer the dry roasted type of sunflower seeds for their texture and because the salt seems to be more baked in than just hanging on the outside. Make sure you read labels- some of the mainstream brands add things like onion and garlic powder, which you do not want on your ice cream sundae…

Honey Bee Sunday Recipe

For each sundae:

2 standard/small scoops of ice cream
1 Tbs raw honey
1-2 Tbs salted sunflower seeds

Scoop ice cream into a dish (I like little jelly jars, especially when feeding a crowd!). Drizzle with honey and top with desired amount of sunflower seeds. Serve immediately.

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