How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms Video Tutorial (with Cheat Sheet!)

I love being able to grow shiitake mushrooms! It has been one of our most rewarding homestead endeavors.

Thorough and detailed instructions!

Shiitake logs are actually pretty easy to make and the tools and mushrooms spawn are not that expensive. And shiitake mushrooms are a fantastic crop to grow in the shady parts of your yard where nothing else wants to grow.

Watching the mushrooms pop out of the logs every year is truly magical. While I won’t go into the health benefits of Shiitakes here, know that they have been widely studied and have proven themselves to be an incredible superfood. And if that isn’t enough, they are quite tasty too! I love love love being able to grow shiitake mushrooms in our own backyard!

Watch the video tutorial of how to make and grow shiitake mushroom logs!

Shiitake Mushroom PRINTABLEcheat sheet!

All the details are explained in the video tutorial, and this printable sheet will help make sure you don’t forget any of them! Print this document to help you prepare and make your shiitake logs. (This is intended to go along with the video to serve as a reminder, and are not full detailed instructions.)


You can find written instructions here in a post I made a few years back: How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms Written Instructions!

Materials List & Cost breakdown for shiitake logs

Assuming you have or can borrow an angle grinder (recommended) or drill, can source the logs for free, and have a few incidental things like a coffee can and safety goggles, here is what you need and how much it costs to make shiitake mushroom logs:

•25 logs, 36-48” long and 3-8” diameter ($0)
•5.5 pound bag of Shiitake Sawdust Spawn ($26)
•Angle Grinder (preferred) or Drill ($0)
•Angle Grinder Bit Adapter if using angle grinder ($36)
•12.5 mm Soft Steel Screw Tip Bit with Stop Collar ($16.50)
•Palm Style Brass Inoculator ($43)
•2.5 pounds of Cheese Wax ($11.50)
•2 Wool Daubers ($1.60)
•Metal can for holding sawdust spawn ($0)
•Something for melting the wax ($0)
•Safety goggles ($0)
•Straw (optional)

TOTAL: $134.60

This will make 25 large logs that will produce multiple times per year for 3 to 8 years! It’s a worthwhile investment.


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