The Importance of Good Skincare: First Do No Harm

The Importance of Good Skincare: First Do No Harm

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Confession: I’m getting older and my skin is changing. There. I said it.

We put a lot of thought and care into the food we grow on the homestead, and what we put in our bodies. It is only fitting that we give this much thought to what we put on our bodies as well.

I’m learning that there seem to be two main facets of skincare that I care about these days: 1. a product’s ability to perform- to nourish, and to improve the look, the feel, the condition of my skin, and 2. to do no harm.

Homesteading is hard on the skin

We’ve been on the homestead for three years now. I won’t tell you my exact age, but this is also the same number of years over thirty that I am. Would time slow down already?! In the last three years I’ve spent more time than ever outside in the blazing summer sun, in the freezing winter cold, and in the parching wind.


All this plus turning the big 3-0+ and I’ve noticed some changes in my skin.

Actually improving the quality of my skin
Skin is an incredible and complicated system: it protects us against external harms like bacteria and UV radiation, it regulates body heat, and manages nutrient levels and water loss. It’s also a first impression maker. I needed to treat my skin better! 

I haven’t used a lot of face and body products in the last five years- mostly because the really-super-natural kind just don’t work that well, and anything else I didn’t feel good about using.

There are a lot of potentially-harmful chemicals in makeup and skincare, even in brands that seem nature-based. And I don’t want them on my skin. It isn’t worth it to me… so I just tended towards not using many products.

But I couldn’t get away with that anymore- my skin needed a little more love and care in order to look its best.

Why Beautycounter
I have been using Beautycounter products for a few months now and I LOVE them. A friend sent me some samples, I tried them and was hooked. They hit both of my criteria better than any other products I’ve tried: they work, and they were safe to use!

I use a few select items that help my skin look and feel its best, all without the toxic chemicals that are in many other beauty products on the market.


I loved using the products, but didn’t think I would necessarily promote them here, until…

I can tell you the exact moment when I realized I wanted to be a Beautycounter consultant. I was seeing a patient (I am also a chiropractor and natural medicine doctor) who I have been helping for the last year to manage her autoimmune conditions. She was having a flare of pain in her hand that was radiating up her arm, and the only thing she did differently was use a new anti-aging face cream (full of toxic chemicals). And that was it! She uses the cream, it causes her arm pain, stops using the cream, her arm pains goes away.

There has never been any doubt in my mind that skincare products can affect our health, but this reaction completely blew my mind- this is just so not okay. This is obviously a severe reaction, but I think it represents a huge problem that no one is talking about- there are a TON of potentially harmful chemicals in makeup and skincare, and we have no idea how they are affecting our health.

And I want to change this.


People need to know there are other options out there- good products that work really well and don’t undermine your health!!

The Beautycounter mission is a great one, and I’m excited to support it! It has the potential to change the world- just like people are wanting to return to their roots, to grow more of their own food or support the local farmers who are, skincare is similar. We know better and we want to do better.  There is a huge movement happening, and it makes me hopeful!

My safer skincare favorites
I’m still a simple girl when it comes to skincare and makeup. I haven’t started using a hundred face and body products that I never used before. But I have found a few things that my skin really likes. And that I really like, because I know they’re improving my skin, and aren’t harming me in the process. I may be a backwoods country girl, but I still like a little pampering from time to time!


Here’s what I’ve been using:

Nourishing Rosewater Mist
This was the first Beautycounter product I tried, and its one of my favorites. It softens and hydrates my skin, and I love that it is moisturizing and refreshing but light at the same time. You simply spritz it on your skin- I use it on my face after a shower or in the middle of the afternoon if I need a pick-me-up. I love roses and anything floral in general, so I really like the fresh rose scent. Find it —> here.

Lengthening Mascara
I don’t usually wear much makeup, but I do wear mascara. And I HATED using it before I tried Beautycounter’s. There is no chemical smell, it doesn’t make my eyes burn or water, and it applies smoothly and easily. As far as performance, this is also one of the best mascara I’ve ever used- it absolutely makes my lashes look significantly longer! Find it —> here.

Citrus Mimosa Body Butter
This has the most delightful citrus smell! Something I love about Beautycounter products is that the scents are not overpowering. This body butter is rich but not greasy- a great all over moisturizer. Especially in the winter, the body butter has done a great job keeping my skin moisturized. Find it —> here.

Bronzer #1
I wear this whenever I go anywhere fancier than Target. Find it —> here.

Hydrating Face Oil
This is a blend of very high quality oils that will greatly hydrate your skin. It integrates into your skin immediately and is not greasy whatsoever. Other than the Rosewater Mist, this is the only moisturizer I use on my skin. Find it —> here.

Calendula Lip Conditioner
Protective and moisturizing, this lip cream is very smooth and lightly scented. It comes in peppermint and calendula (which has extra healing properties). It has a nice blend of nourishing oils, including meadowfoam oil… I have noticed that all of my favorite lip products have contained this- I think it must be the magic ingredient! Find it —> here.

Charcoal Cleansing Bar
This is a great soap and gives a very thorough cleaning! The charcoal in this bar goes above and beyond regular soap by absorbing impurities without drying skin. Great for face and body! Find it —> here.

Purifying Charcoal Mask
The ultimate face treatment, it refines the appearance of pores, and improves skin elasticity. Use it as a spot treatment to help eliminate acne, or use all over for a quick facial! Plus, it looks cool while you’re wearing it… Find it —> here.

Kojak Sponge
Not a Beautycounter product, but something I’ve been using for a while and love! It gently exfoliates, removes impurities, helps to alkalize the skin, removes dead skin cells, and encourages skin regrowth. I use this most night before bed- sometimes with soap on it, and sometimes with just water.  Find it —> here.

How to improve your skin
The best thing you can do to for yourself is to examine every product that you are currently putting on your skin. Search the Environmental Working Group’s skincare database to see the safety ranking of the products you are using. Consider replacing the worst offenders first.

EWG skin deep skincare check

Join me in my Safe Skincare Facebook page, to learn about products that not only safe, but can actually improve the quality of your skin. Also a great place to learn about any sales, coupons, or promotions, and how to get the most for your money if you do decide to try some Beautycounter products!

Consider starting with a few basic things from Beautycounter. Check our their products and shop here! And please don’t hesitate to ask if you need a recommendation or have a question! (The Facebook group is a great place to ask questions!)


My promise has always been to only share things that I use and love, and to always be myself when I share them. Beautycounter and safe skincare is no exception!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click through them and end up purchasing an item (any item, not necessarily the one I recommended even!)  I may receive monetary or other compensation. The price you pay is unaffected by using this link, and buying stuff you were going to get anyways through an affiliate link is a great way to support your favorite blogger and fellow homesteader! Thanks!

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