Obligatory First Duck Egg Announcement!

Obligatory First Duck Egg Announcement!

the first duck egg w words
Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled! Elated! Overjoyed! Egg-static?
Get ready for all of the (bad) egg jokes you can stand!

Finding our first duck egg this past Saturday morning completely made our day. It made all those sub-zero trips out to the duck house this winter completely worth it! Scrambling to build a suitable duck house last fall. Lugging big jugs of water from the house every day. Chipping iced-over water buckets. Shoveling paths in the snow. And then shoveling them again and again. All worth it.

We knew our ducks were just approaching egg-laying age, but didn’t figure they would start laying until it warmed up a tad. We weren’t even looking for eggs in the coop yet. They fooled us! It was -15 degrees F the morning they laid the first egg. Guess they couldn’t wait for spring either….

This duck egg was the first thing produced by our very own homestead. And it makes us that much more eager for spring to get here- for our chicks and bees to arrive, and to break ground on the garden and orchard.

The satisfaction we feel from raising our own food is almost unimaginable. There is no other feeling quite like it. If we were this happy and excited about one duck egg, we’re in for a great, full life ahead!

Also, neither of us had ever eaten duck eggs before, so the anticipation was almost unbearable. We were just hoping we didn’t hate them. Is it risky to get ducks when you’ve never tried their product? Nah, we love duck meat and duck fat, plus we are pretty adventurous eaters so we figured we’d be okay.
Duck Egg Shells
We got a second egg the following day and got right to work on our incredible and epic Sunday morning breakfast. So how was our first duck egg? Egg-cellent.


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