The BEST Way to Freeze Eggs!

The BEST way to freeze eggs! How to freeze eggs without anything added- no sugar, no salt, nothing. Learn my favorite method HERE! Whole-Fed Homestead

Farm fresh eggs: it’s either feast or famine around here! During the long days of summer I’ve got baskets full of eggs and I’m piling them on the kitchen table, the washing machine, and any other flat surface I can find.

A good problem to have, I know…

And then the days get shorter and the girls close up shop. Weeks and weeks go by without any eggs and I hang my head in shame as I load cartons of eggs into my cart at the grocery store.

Last summer, instead of selling all of our extra eggs, I froze as many as I could. Having never frozen eggs before, and never eaten previously-frozen eggs, I was nervous with every precious container I squirreled away in the freezer.

Would they taste good when I thawed them?
Would they even be edible?
Didn’t matter, we would be eating them either way…

I’m happy to report that last summer I froze approximately 448 eggs. I’m also happy to report that this past winter we ate approximately 448 frozen eggs, and LIKED THEM!

I attribute the success of our freeze-all-the-eggs endeavor in part to these specific containers:
Extreme-Freeze Deli Containers (pictured in the photo)

Here’s why I love them:
♥ bpa-free and made in the USA
♥ flexible even when frozen, non-brittle
♥ thick-walled plastic so they protect your food from freezer burn
♥ inexpensive: just over fifty cents each
♥ won’t stain or hold smells
♥ lids seal tightly, but also aren’t a pain to open
♥ dishwasher and microwave safe (although I don’t put them in either)

The BEST way to freeze eggs! How to freeze eggs without anything added- no sugar, no salt, nothing. Learn my favorite method HERE! Whole-Fed Homestead

The 32-oz Extreme Freeze containers holds 16-18 cracked and lightly whisked eggs.

These are the ONLY freezer containers I use now- not only are they perfect for freezing eggs, but I also use them for broths, soups, chili, and anything else liquid. We make double batches of meat and freeze the extras in these containers. I have the 32-oz and 16-oz ones, and between the two sizes they cover all my freezing needs. Find them —> HERE.

(I wasn’t paid by this company to talk about these, I just honestly love them!)

How to Freeze Eggs

Crack desired amount of eggs into a large bowl (actually I first crack each egg into a smaller bowl and then add it into the larger bowl, just in case there is a funky egg). Once the eggs are all in the bowl, use a fork to poke and break each yolk and then gently stir the eggs around to combine them (don’t use a whisk, as this incorporates too much air). Make sure they are fairly well-combined and uniform in color.

I do NOT add any salt, sugar or other odd ingredients. Pour the eggs into the freezer container, put the lid on, label it and place it into the freezer.

To thaw: one 32-oz container of eggs takes a good 10 hours to thaw on the counter, or 20 hours to thaw in the fridge… so plan ahead!

Taste and Texture of Frozen Eggs

The taste of our frozen eggs was great- just like fresh. The texture however, was different. Not bad, just a little different. And I’ll be perfectly honest: when thawed the eggs look like congealed Velveeta cheese. But wait! They look like normal eggs once cooked.

Aren’t sure if you’ll like frozen eggs? Try a test a batch! Freeze some for a couple days, thaw and then use them. You’ll have your answer!

How to Use Frozen Eggs

I think that eggs freeze much better when the yolks and whites are mixed, rather than frozen whole. The only downside (if you can even call it that!) is that you have to use them for scrambled-type purposes… quiche, frittatas, or try my rolled omelette with kale and all the pork products ever made.

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7 thoughts on “The BEST Way to Freeze Eggs!

  1. I had never thought before that you could freeze eggs! That’s awesome! Do you think that it would still work even if they are stored in glass containers instead of plastic? Also, could you use thawed eggs in recipes? Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Yes, glass storage containers would be great too! Frozen eggs can be used in just about every recipe except anywhere you are whipping egg whites to form stiff peaks, like meringue- I believe fresh are better for this. Things like meatloaf, casseroles, cake… are all great ways to use thawed eggs! -Crystal

  2. How do “you” convert large/medium eggs, for example, to a recipe that calls for 3 med eggs, into liquid measure of ounces or tablespoons?
    Thanks. Just found your site and enjoying muchly!

    1. Thanks Deborah! Honestly, I don’t sweat it. Unless it was super ultra-fancy recipe like macarons or madeleines then I might take more care. But I’m a terrible recipe-follower! And you know what- things always seem to turn out. If I had a huge jumbo double-yolker, I would probably just choose not to use that one if the recipe called for medium. But I think using large in place of medium is perfectly fine in 99% of recipes. Hope that helps! -Crystal

  3. We just started our laying flock this past spring, and this winter really miss having eggs from our own hens. What a FANTASTIC idea to freeze them! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  4. Do you reckon you could freeze the eggs in ziplock bags so you could have “portion control” – ie 3 eggs / 6 eggs etc

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