The Homestead Monthly: August 2014

The Homestead Monthly: August 2014

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The Homestead Monthly is a (hopefully!) monthly update on what we’ve accomplished, the milestones, and the fun and memorable things that have taken place. So many little things (and some big things!!) are happening all the time around here. So, here goes!

Karl and my dad spent an afternoon together making kraut. Karl does the cutting and dad does the measuring, salting and mixing. And they both have no trouble posing for questionable pictures. Mom and dad grew the cabbages for this year’s kraut-fest. We currently have nearly 50 pounds brewing in the spare room!
krautin funny

Fowl Pox
Buddy, our head rooster developed Dry Fowl Pox… basically “Chicken Pox.” I freaked out a little, did some research and learned that as long as he was in good health, it wasn’t a big deal. I loaded him up with extra nutrients and love. The Pox didn’t slow him down a bit, and he is now fully recovered.
buddy pox

We’re Empty Nesters
That was a joke about chickens… We finally transitioned the two house chickens from sleeping in the house to sleeping in the coop with the rest of their flock. They are still glued to each other, but hang out with the rest of the flock all day as well. I just love their fluffy little butts…
chicken butts

The Tomatoes
Finally the tomatoes are ripe! I am growing some pretty awesome and incredibly stunning tomato varieties. *Pats myself on the back.
blue berries tomato 2014

Wild Maitake
I’ve been eating wild, foraged mushrooms since I was a baby. My dad harvested a beautiful Hen of the Wood this year and gave us a hearty chunk of it- probably 5-7 pounds worth! We had several meals of butter-fried mushrooms and I dehydrated the rest.

Our First Tractor
We got our first tractor! We got our first tractor! A gift from Karl’s grandpa– he bought a tractor last year and spent time fixing it and tuning it up for us. Grandpa, grandma and some of Karl’s extended family delivered it to us (from Minnesota) this past weekend. I can’t believe we have a tractor! We’re so grateful.
karl tractor

Our First Chicken Egg
Aaaand, last but not least: we got our first chicken egg!  A perfect, tiny little light beige egg, laid by the hen we affectionately call “Floppy Comb.” A second hen picked up right after her- so we now officially have two hens laying eggs. This was what I’ve been waiting all year for!
first chicken egg

And if that weren’t enough, we got our tractor and first chicken egg on the same day.

Can a homesteader’s day get any better than that?!

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