The Homestead Monthly: October & November

The Homestead Monthly: October & November

fall leaves
In October, Karl and I celebrated the one-year anniversary of moving into our house. Holy moly did that just fly by! We had a great year- accomplished a lot, and learned a ton! Here’s to many more wonderful years building our homestead together!

A Little Privacy, Please!
Yes, I am the type of person who makes curtains for her chicken’s nest boxes. But hey, I only did it in the name of egg-production! I bet you didn’t know that chickens value privacy. I’m telling you… they are a lot more like people than you might have thought.

Karl built these grand nest boxes by hand- what a fella! I did an experiment and left some of the nest box curtains open and some more closed… they choose the closed curtain boxes every time. And when I’m collecting eggs in the late morning, if there is a hen in one of the boxes and I open the curtain, I sure hear about it. Curtains is the way to go.
nest boxes

Box Elder & Lady Beetle Take Over
I’ll spare you the pictures on this one. Unfortunately our property and the surrounding area has its fair share of Box Elder Trees… which leads to swarms of Box Elder bugs. They love our garage- to climb behind the plastic covering the insulation, to crawl in all my boxes and generally get into anything they can find. It’s not uncommon to find golf ball and tennis ball size patches of these icky things. And, by the way, the chickens don’t really care for them.

So, Karl and I invented a new favorite fall past-time way to get rid of them. Shop Vac + Blow Torch. Suck bugs up, dump them onto gravel driveways, bring on hell-fire. It is quite the sight to see. And might I add, very effective.

Sister Got Hitched
“Got hitched,” I’m pretty sure thats how you say it in the country. My little sister got married, on a lovely fall day, with the reception over-looking the color-changing leaves and Eau Claire river. My crafty, like-to-go-in-over-my-head-self picked out and assembled all of the flower arrangements for the tables, the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets and the boutonnieres! It was a rustic-theme wedding and we used my collection of blue vintage mason jars for the flowers. There’s nothing I love more than blue mason jars. Everything went wonderfully, and it was a great day! Congrats to the happy couple!

Our Poor Chickens
We had a fairly deep early snow this year. The Sunday before the snowstorm was scheduled to hit, Karl and I spent the whole day cleaning up the yard and putting things away in preparation of winter arriving the next day. The chickens were running about, scratching up dirt, jumping in my leaf pile, and carrying on in the merry way that they do. I remember thinking- they aren’t even going to know what hit them tomorrow. Yep, I was right.

If you could have only have seen their eyes the next morning when I opened their little door to reveal 6″ of snow. Looks of confusion abound. Followed by disgust. Free-ranging, bug eating days are over. When you were little did you play that game where the floor was lava and you had to get from one side of the room to the other? Snow = lava to chickens.
bolivar cold toes

Our New Family Member: Quinn!
Oh yeah… and we got a dog. Our first dog! Future protector of the homestead. His name is Quinn, and he is part Australian Shepherd and part Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. He is 4 months, loves everyone and everything (including the cat, who doesn’t love him back) and after only being here for a week, acts like he’s lived here forever.
quinn collage
He’s really quite adorable. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us with all the training that he needs, but we look forward to molding a great companion!

Thanks for Checking in!

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4 thoughts on “The Homestead Monthly: October & November

  1. The first snow was quite a shock to us all! I can only imagine how your chickens felt! We received over a foot (west of Rice Lake) and even though I have lived here my entire life, it was still not a fun way to be introduced again to winter driving!

    Glad all is well on your homestead! And I love the curtains!

    • Thanks Amanda! I think you guys up north there got a ton more snow than us even! I sure hope Mother Nature is kinder to us this year. :)

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