Vintage 1962 Lettuce Seed

1962 Lettuce Seeds
Buried underneath layers of homemade ice fishing lures in an old box, I rescued this treasure from Karl’s grandparent’s house. Grandpa chuckled at my enthusiasm for this vintage find and told me to take the seeds with me if I wanted.

Yeah, I wanted.

I know its only an old seed packet- and not even that old, but I love what it represents. Fifty years ago someone bought those seeds with the intent to sow them in the land and feed their family through their own hard work and Mother Nature’s blessing.

Their desire to grow their own food, for self-sufficiency, out of necessity, or just for fun- whatever the reason- is what makes it possible for me to seek those same things today.

I wondered if this lettuce variety was still around and how it came about in the first place. I couldn’t find this particular variety, New York Special, available anywhere for sale today. I was able to find some history in the 1937 Yearbook under “Improvement of Salad Crops.” Here is the full text of that chapter; below is an excerpt from the chapter.

1962 Yearbook Lettuce
I love getting little glimpses into the past. But perhaps what really drew me to this old seed packet was the connection with someone who, fifty years ago, valued the same things that I do today.

Think I should plant them?

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