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  1. Hi there just found ur site. Love it. I was searching for ducks and cold weather temperature. We r in mi. Recently moved here 36 acres from a subdivision. What a change and loving it. R dogs chased momma duck off her nest and after 2 days of no return our daughter took the eggs put in an aquarium and turned them and mist them every 4 hrs. Weeks later 2 hatched. Drake and hen. They follow her and r so friendly. They r mallards and we learned they were the neighbors. We got to keep them.
    With r acreage we would love to grow some type of crop or a large garden. The previous owners grew alfalfa that others cut. That paid 600. I would rather grow a garden and not have someone come on r property. Do u have any suggestions on a beginner crop or garden. Thx for any insight. Take care Kelly

    1. My best advice is to grow what you like (what you will eat)! Be prepared to have some losses as you learn what pests, predators and diseases are in your area. And feel free to start small the first year as you learn more. Don’t overdo it and make so much work for yourself that you take the fun out of it! :) And put that duck manure to work!

      Lettuce and kale can be planted right into the ground and are easy to grow (and ducks like those crops too!). Sunflowers are another rewarding crop you can plant directly into the ground. There are a lot of neat summer-type squash: zucchini, yellow zucchini, scallop squash that can be planted by seed directly too. And beans that will be left to turn into dried beans- those are great for a larger space because you plant don’t harvest until the end of the season (still have to weed though!). If you aren’t comfortable starting your own seeds in the house, get a couple tomato and cabbage plants from your local greenhouse.

      Hope that helps! Best wishes!

  2. Squash bugs, besides picking and killing any other redeems? First time I’ve had this issue. In zone 4 in MN. Bought your book and have already implemented with scapes.
    Thank you

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