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  1. Last time I saw you was our last college friend camping trip and few years ago….. Definitely going to follow your blog! I didn’t know you were doing this! How exciting. Sept 2012 we moved to rural WI (closer to our childhood homes) and bought a new house with a yard and I finally got my first real garden in 2013. I also can (mostly tomatoes) and have a large garden by most people’s standards. Although it is likely smaller than yours from the sounds of it:) I’m working my way up to other things and have a lot to learn. I even planted blueberries and waiting to see if they survived and if I can get them to produce. Looking forward to your blog updates. Maybe we will see you at a camping trip this summer if we can make it happen! Sincerely, Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! I remember seeing a picture of your garden last year. Its so much fun, and addicting too!

  2. Could you share a reliable company for the essential oil for tick repellent containing the right kind of Rose Geraniam oil..

    1. Hi Sally- the ONLY brand I’ve found that uses the correct geranium cultivar for tick repellent (Pellargonium capitatum x radens) is this one, available here (<---click those words to be taken to the page where you can find it). There isn't much info available on the this company (probably not a great sign) so I don't know if they are reliable or not. I do know that I am less worried about it because we aren't ingesting this oil, and it is likely a better alternative to deet or lyme disease. Also, it has rave reviews on Amazon regarding it's tick-repellent properties, which I think is a reliable indicator. Hope that helps!

      Link to original article here: Natural Tick and Lyme Disease Prevention

  3. Hi! I was wondering if your Ameraucana hens from Hoover’s ended up laying blue eggs? I noticed on their website they spelled it Americana and it made me wonder if it was the same thing. I have ordered from My Pet Chicken in the past but it looks like the prices are better at Hoover’s and I was considering giving them a try. I will make sure my shipping address is the same as my billing address :) Thanks in advance for you input!

    1. Hi Heather- they are definitely not true “Ameraucanas,” but rather the “mutt” variety. I’ve heard that if you want the true breed, you really should go through a reputable breeder and not through a normal hatchery… So, we have 6 Americanas (“Easter Eggers’ is what they should most appropriately be called) and from them we get 4 blue eggs (a very pretty blue-green color!), one almost-white egg, and one tan with a hit of a pink tinge. If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll see some pictures of them.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi. I follow you on IG and enjoy reading your blog. I would love to subscribe to that as well so that I don’t miss your content. However, I don’t see a way to do that on your site. Also, I attempted to contact your through your email address and it says it is invalid. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much– I don’t have a subscribe option for my blog, but if you follow me on Instagram, I always post there when I’ve put up a new blog article. If you copied and pasted my email address from my contact page, you need to remove the extra space between “wholefedhomestead” and “”

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