The Best Books for Homesteaders

The best books for homesteaders

Books are such a great gift, especially for the modern-day homesteader. With knowledge not being passed down like it used to, we have to get information from somewhere. And being the simple-life, back-to-your-roots, living-close-to-the-land type… we certainly all appreciate a real book in our hands!

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General Homesteading

Books for the homesteader of farmer about old-fashioned skills, how to make the most of your land, and everything homegrown and hand-made.

backyard homestead   country living   handson home alone in the wilderness back to basics

Preserving Fruits and Vegetables

Books about preserving nature’s bounty- from dehydrating to canning, making cider, and storing food in a root cellar.

preserving   food in jars   canning   cider makers handbook

ball book   putting it up with honey    food dehydrating with attitude root cellaring


Raising Chickens & Fowl

Resources for raising chickens and ducks naturally, sustainable practices, and philosophy!

folks this aint normal small scale poultry    fresh eggs daily         duck eggs daily

Growing Mushrooms

Resources for growing your own mushrooms.


Resources for raising honey bees and using their bounty!

backyard-beekeeper          beeswax-alchemy        life-of-honeybee       putting it up with honey


Gardening books on topics ranging from natural pest control to saving seeds.

carrots and tomatoes natural pest control seed saving

The Orchard

Heirloom apples and natural orchard practices.

holistic orchard apples uncommon

Curing Meat

Cure your own meats at home with these great resources! From homestead-raised pigs, and cattle to wild game and fish.

charcuterie wild game river cottage curing

Home Butchering

Learn how to butcher all different types of livestock, from beef to poultry, rabbit, lamb, goat and pork!

buthering small game butchering cow

For the Heirloom Vegetable Lover

A few favorites in my personal collection- a look at rare, and popular heirloom vegetables.

the complete squash heirloom tomato melons heirloom beans

For the Cook!

A few favorites for cooking up homegrown veggies and meats.

fast-fresh-green      inspiralized      beyond-bacon-by-stacy-toth-and-matt-mccarry-the-paleo-parents-740px     my-paleo-patisserie

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