Cranberry & Pine Centerpiece for the Holidays: Easy and Inexpensive!

Cranberry & Pine Centerpiece for the Holidays: Easy and Inexpensive! | Whole-Fed Homestead
I can’t quite put my finger on why homesteaders appreciate frugality so much.
Is it because we are a most-practical bunch?
Is it because we look towards simple pleasures and shy away from extravagance?
Is it because we want to save as much money as possible so we can buy more livestock?!

Whatever it is… this easy holiday centerpiece is perfect for a person who loves to save money and decorate with natural, pretty things!

This is a holiday decoration that I just had to share with you! It is cheap and easy to make- my favorite combination! This centerpiece idea comes from my mom- she always has one of these displayed for Christmas.

Not only is this decoration perfect for holiday entertaining or brightening up your kitchen, it would be a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece for a winter wedding or a thoughtful hostess gift.

Just last weekend we made these for my Grandmother’s funeral- and everyone loved them. They were the perfect, simple centerpiece to honor a lady who loved decorating for Christmas, making wreaths, and spending time in the outdoors.

Versatile little things, these are.

Cranberry & Pine Centerpiece for the Holidays: Easy and Inexpensive! | Whole-Fed Homestead

Yes, this is about as simple as it gets, however there are a few tricks to making these centerpieces the best they can be!

And by the way, these will stay fresh-looking for about a week!

Tip #1
Use white pine for the greenery because the longer needles look more elegant and “flowing.” Short pine needles just don’t have the same look. If you don’t have a white pine or other longer needled tree on your property, ask a friend or neighbor- you only need a little, and taking a couple small sprays won’t hurt the tree a bit!

Tip #2
Look for a vase that is narrow at the neck and full at the bottom. That’s hard to explain- my picture is worth a thousand words here. This vase is the exact shape that I used for my centerpiece. This vase would also look nice and is a bit curvier (and it is under $6 at the time I posted this).

Tip #3
Use the right candles. The rounder, disc-shaped candles that float are perfect. Don’t use the flat-bottomed jack o’ lantern type candles- they won’t sit evenly and might even sink. Also, white candles are the way to go!

Inexpensive Cranberry & Pine Centerpiece for the Holidays

Clear glass vase, narrower at the neck and full at the bottom —> find it HERE
White pine sprays, about 4-6
Fresh cranberries, about 1/2 cup, give or take depending on vase size
White disc-shaped floating candles —> find them HERE

Start by cutting the white pine to size- cut each piece so that it will sit below the tapered neck line. I just eyeball it, and if I find the branches are sticking up above the cranberries, I pull them slightly out of the water and cut them some more right there in the vase. Place half of the pieces needle-side down, and half needle-side up in the vase. Literally just toss them in the bottom of the vase.

Fill the vase with cool water up to the bottom of the tapered neckline.

Add the cranberries on top- there should be about three “layers” of cranberries- this amount looks the best and will also hold the weight of the candle nicely. There should be about one-inch of glass above the cranberries- you may need to add or dump water to get it at the correct level.

Place the candle on top and nestle it in the cranberries ever so slightly, just so that the cranberries hug it and the candle is level. I find it easiest to place the candle once the vase is situated in its final location. Moving the vase with the candle already placed will almost guarantee you’ll have to rearrange it again, plus- the candle is likely to get wet and then the wick won’t light.

Happy Holidays- from our homestead to yours!

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  1. What a gorgeous decoration! And how much do I love that everything you need is easily accessible?! So glad you shared this on The Maple Hill Hop!

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