10 Reasons Why We Love Our Old Farmhouse

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We moved into our old farmhouse just four short months ago, and from day one it has just felt right being here. It suits us so well. (It should- we searched for three years before finding this place!)

Our house was built sometime in the 1880s, but the couple who lived here for the past twenty years updated everything while maintaining a lot of the original charm. Which means we have the best of both worlds- the history and originality of the house without all the worry that it’s “100+ years old.”
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We know there will be ups and downs and things that need fixing or replacing (as with any home), but here are the reasons we love our old farmhouse so much:

1. It’s Strong
We can’t even tell when it’s windy outside unless we look out a window. Our wall studs are made of oak and the center beam holding the house up is a hand-hewn two-foot thick solid oak timber. Not to mention the massive rock foundation. You know that saying “they don’t make ‘em like they used to?”

2. Its Just…Cozy
It has a certain feeling that modern homes just don’t have. Even with minimal furniture and barely anything on the walls yet, it is inviting and full of warmth. We can’t imagine a newly constructed home would feel this cozy this fast.

3. Established Landscaping
There are a lot of huge trees and well-established bushes around the property. And what look like humungous record-setting lilac bushes- can’t wait till they bloom this spring! Our yard is a lush scene of green that doesn’t just happen overnight.

4. It Has Stood the Test of Time
We take great comfort in knowing that this house has already taken 100+ years of everything Mother Nature could throw at it- and it’s still standing.

5. The Character
Oh, the character! This ain’t no cookie cutter townhouse (not that those aren’t nice too…) but this house is an individual! The old wood floors, bead board, and interesting angles- certainly there isn’t another home exactly like it, and we love that.

6. It’s a Little Worn Already
We don’t have pristine wood floors and flawless walls. In a good way, not in a run-down way, but in a lived-in way. There are nicks, chips, and pock-marks, which means we don’t have to freak out when someone slides a chair across the floor, walks around with muddy shoes, or runs into the wall maneuvering a couch into the house. 

7. It Has a Root Cellar
Where else would you store your potatoes and squash in the 1880s? You know how they say that “great kitchens sell homes?” Well, to a homesteader, “root cellars sell homes!”

8. The Envy of Pinterest
Do you know how many pinterest boards are dedicated to making modern houses look more like old farmhouses? “Farmhouse Style” is something people strive for, and we have it built right in!

9. It Came With…Stuff
Acreage, an old barn, a milk house, two silos and an awesome outbuilding. Not to mention 100+ years of “hidden treasures” around the property- like old rusty tools here and there, a houses-worth of antique windows stashed in the haymow, collapsed structures with beautiful old wood and hardware, and little trinkets, old glass bottles and other things littered around the woods. We’re always discovering something from the past here!

10. The History
It’s fun to imagine all the kind-hearted, hard-working people that lived here over the last 100 years. We don’t know much about them, but do love knowing that they were once here, enjoying their time in the place we now call home. By the feeling in this house, we can tell there has been a lot of love here over the years. And now, in 2014 it is our turn to be stewards of this property.

Do you live in an old house- what do you love about yours?

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Love Our Old Farmhouse

  1. We moved into our 1800’s farmhouse in July after a 2 year search. We looked at some great new houses, but I totally agree, there’s just something special about these old farmhouses!

  2. We moved a year ago into a big house (much bigger then we ever intended) but we fell for the ‘Pippi Longstocking” charme of it :-) It’s from 1929, and inside we used modern products. That combination of old and modern…loving it.
    So I regnonize a lot of your reasons!
    Kind regards, Patty (Dutch woman, living in Germany)

  3. We just bought an old farm with house and barn. Do you have any tips to make things easier for us? Like what worked well and what did not pan out as far as remodeling?

    1. Fortunately the people who lived here before us did all the heavy remodeling, so we haven’t had to do much of anything. Good luck! -Crystal

  4. We bought a two story farmhouse that was built in 1910, 20,000 dollars later it is our dream home! So much character and charm but the renovations made it safe and clean. We can’t wait to have a garden and live off the land.

  5. We just purchased a 1948 farmhouse in California it has the looks and charm of the past and of course two big oak trees on both sides. Eyes are drawn to its history and past, there’s a certain feel imagery it draws up in your mind that a modern house does not have. It’s almost like walking back into history when times were more simple and wholesome. We love how this house makes us feel.

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