Handmade Gifts for the Chicken Keeper

Handmade gifts for the chicken keeper feature
Our chickens are the heart of the homestead. Their entertainment value is priceless, and they provide the pinnacle of farm eats: fresh eggs. There’s nothing like ’em. So it’s no wonder we want to provide them with only the finest treats, decorate their coops with rusty stuff, and proclaim our love for them on our coffee mugs and t-shirts! And we should! A handmade gift for the chicken keeper in your life is the perfect way to say happy holidays! And these chicken-related gift ideas are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, as a crazy chicken lady…

These items are all from individual artisans and small business people- my favorite way to shop!


chicken rustic steel ornament
Rustic Steel Chicken Love Ornament
A simple decoration for the tree or even the kitchen- the perfect stocking stuffer! Find it —> HERE.

nest box herbs
1lb Dried Nest Box Herbs to Repel Insects
Treat the girls to a special treat, this blend of herbs will freshen up the nest boxes! Find it —> HERE!

egg stamp
Chicken Egg Stamp
I mean… seriously, how cut is this?! Find it —> HERE!

rooster towel
Rooster Flour Sack Towel
I love flour sack towels for drying hands and dishes, and this rooster version is great! Find it —> HERE!

fresh eggs steel sign
Rusty Steel “Fresh Eggs” Chicken Coop Sign
This rust sign is the perfect decoration for a homestead coop! Find it —> HERE!

chicken whisperer mug
Chicken Whisperer Mug
For the passionate chicken-lover in your life (or yourself!). Find it —> HERE!

fresh eggs sign
Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens Sign
This adorable little sign is perfect for in the house or in the coop! Find it —> HERE!

chicken seeds
Seeds for Plants that Chickens Will Love
For the person who loves to garden, or wants to learn how!
Grow your own plants to feed to the hens- a collection of seeds to grow for the girls. Find it —> HERE!

barn wood egg holder
Barn Wood Countertop Egg Holder
Any chicken-keeper would appreciate this barn wood countertop egg holder! Find it —> HERE!

chicken rolling pin
Chicken Rolling Pin
Make all the chicken pastries your heart desires! Perfect for the baker. Find it —> HERE!

chicken coin purse
Beige and Red Chicken Coin Purse
I love the simple, rustic chicken print on this little coin purse. Find it —> HERE!

life with chickens
Life is Better with Chickens Shirt
Life really is better with chickens… And this shirt is so adorable! Find it —> HERE!

chicken watercolor
Chicken Watercolor Print
The perfect picture to hang in the kitchen or dining room! Find it —> HERE!

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